I Like Your Facebook Landing Page

Treat visitors like wild animals.

It sounds crazy but it’s true -your page visitors are frantic creatures looking for a easy plain simple meal. Eventually, they key is to make your page easily scanable with your main point in your headline while using sub headings, bullet points, and various fonts and colors to indicate information hierarchy. Notice, hello, I am making some landing sites for a site, and I was wondering what sites you suggest to make them, and how much do you estimate making a landing page would cost.

Hi, I have a question. Should I make it with wordpress or should I create a HTMLlanding page? Certainly, thank you for the fun and informative post.

This is top-notch and most comprehensive article I’ve read on landing pages in a long time! Bookmarking this one, for sure!

Social Sprout is another example of a powerful landing page.

It has a few elements that are really working in its favor. HootSuite is another website that has a strong landing page, although takes a different approach, with software similar to Social Sprout. It works well because it.

Since they can assume most people have already heard of them, Pinterest’s approach is different in that they don’t spend much time explaining what interest is. With a broader explanation of Pinterest that sits below the main headline, Instead, a different example of Pinterest’s value is shown with each visit to the site. A well-known fact that is. Megan, this is yours second article that I have read and this one is even better than the first. Gonna go to your Facebook page and like it now. Essentially, this one blew me away with the comprehensiveness and attention to all the issues involved here. Now let me ask you something. What is Pinterest doing right here?

Hi thanks for sharing very informative blog.

Wow! There is definetly a lot to consider, and you can see in a lot of the examples wards the end that many brands choose to focus on some strategies while ignoring others. It all comes down to what works for you! Make sure you leave some comments about it in the comment form. Thank you very much Steven! Thanks for catching that typo.

I wanted to thank the author for an amazing article, this is probably my first comment ever. Simply top-notch. It’s the most information rich, structured and detailed page I’ve seen on this topic. Any examples of awesome landing pages doing it right? Certainly, we shall know in the comments! You have any landing page ideas or tips and tricks to share, right?

Thanks for the article it makes interestng reading.

As landing page conversion is now essential to so quite a few of our online busineses. Anyways, the general rule is you only want to provide copy key bits and info that will help visitors convert and nothing extra. Is there a genral rule about how much copy is the right amount. Thanks Again Hey John, quite a few of these tips actually deal specifically with landing page copy and deciding how much is o much. You say you need amazing copy, that makes sense. Does less copy have a higher conversion rate? Too much content overwhelms and drives folks away. Stick with only the essentials.

Now that we’ve covered the fundamental prelanding page questions, let’slet us discuss how you can make awesome, persuasive landing pages. Ultimately you want to focus on the button contrast color in relation to your background color, many marketers claim that certain button colors like greenish or light red increase landing page conversions. As a result, this same color theory could be implemented into your website design. Test various colors, placements, and sizes to see what works! Great landing pages… Interior design books will often suggest different colors for various rooms and moods -energizing redish for a dining room to inspire dynamic conversation, yellowish for a cheerful, relaxed kitchen. Paul Olyslager has a nice guide on CTA buttons worth checking out.

Experience – Experience Plays An Important Role In The Philosophy Of Søren Kierkegaard The German Term Erfahrung

These views of Kant are mirrored in ideasthesia research, which demonstrates that one can experience the world only if one has the appropriate concepts about the objects that are being experienced.

Thirdhand experience, based on indirect and possibly unreliable rumour or hearsay, can potentially stray perilously close to blind honouring of authority.

The word experience may refer, somewhat ambiguously, both to mentally unprocessed immediately perceived events as well as to the purported wisdom gained in subsequent reflection on those events or interpretation of them. Participants in activities such as tourism, extreme sports and recreational ‘drug use’ also tend to stress experience importance. Certain religious traditions and educational paradigms with, for instance, military conditioning ‘recruittraining’, stress the experiential nature of human epistemology. This stands in contrast to alternatives.

Humans can rationalize falling in of love as emotional experience.

The term can refer, by implication, to a thought process. Anyways, societies which lack institutional arranged marriages can call on emotional experience in people to influence mateselection. I’m sure it sounds familiar.|Doesn’t it sound familiar?|Sounds familiar?|right? Mental experience involves intellect aspect and consciousness experienced as combinations of thought, perception, memory, emotion, will and imagination, including all unconscious cognitive processes. Mental experience and its relation to the physical brain form an area of philosophical debate. On p of this, emotional concept experience also appears in the notion of empathy. Lots of info can be found easily by going on the web.

Most theorists, however, generalized the view to cover all mental experience.

One may also differentiate between physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, vicarious and virtual experience. Using computer simulations can enable a person or groups of persons to have virtual experiences in virtual reality. Many role playing video games, for the sake of example, feature units of measurement used to quantify or assist a ‘player character”s progression through the game -called experience points or xp. Just keep reading! Role playing’ games treat experience as an important, measurable, and valuable commodity.

a reality based on one’s interaction with one’s environment, Subjective experience can involve a state of individual subjectivity, perception on which one builds one’s own state of reality.

The subjective experience depends on one’s individual ability to process data, to store and internalize it. For example. Plenty of information can be found by going on the web. Physical experiences relate to observables. They need not involve modal properties nor mental experiences. Notice that physical experience occurs whenever an object or environment changes.

Experience interrogation has a long tradition in continental philosophy. It often remains potentially subject to errors in sense perception and in personal interpretation, hand you experience had to be there variety can seem especially valuable and privileged. Whenever connoting the coherency of life’s experiences, the German term Erfahrung, often translated into English as experience, has a slightly different implication. On p of this, experience plays an important role in Søren philosophy Kierkegaard. Someone able to recount an event they witnessed or joined in has first hand experience.

As a society itself is formed through a plurality of shared experiences forming norms, social experience provides anyone with the skills and habits necessary for participating within their own societies customs, values, traditions, social roles, symbols and languages.

Growing up and living within a society can foster the development and observation of social experience. For example, experience plays an important role in experiential groups.

it provides a somewhat pessimistic Transcendentalism representation associated with Emerson, The American author Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote an essay entitled Experience, in which he asks readers to disregard emotions that could alienate them from the divine. It provides a somewhat pessimistic Transcendentalism representation associated with Emerson, The American author Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote an essay entitled Experience, in which he asks readers to disregard emotions that could alienate them from the divine.

Drawing On Game Data Of 193 Players – You Are Using A Version Of Internet Explorer That We No Longer Support

 gaming experienceEntertainment Computing.

Game statistics may reflect lay knowledge, thereby substituting conventional surveys.

Game scores are valid indicators of climate change knowledge.

Self selection’ of players still limits representativeness for the general public. The present study confirms game statistics from the social media game Climate Quiz to measure climate change knowledge. For effective public communication about climate change, survey data on laypeople’s climate change knowledge is crucial. International survey programs are costly looking at the time and money. The current player collective consists of young, highly educated and environmentally conscious players though, thereby representativeness of game scores for the general population is still limited. Players succeed in the game if they identify identical ontological relations between terms on climate change pics as most co players. The point score shows satisfactory reliability, criterion validity referring to conventional quiz questions as well as expert judgments, and discriminant validity regarding psychological attributes related to knowledge. Drawing on game data of 193 players, the game point score is established to reflect climate change knowledge with sufficient accuracy to be utilized in the social sciences and in climate communication. Usually, alternatively, games with a purpose may provide data on their players’ knowledge at minimum effort, unobtrusively, and repeatedly within short time intervals.

Game statistics may reflect lay knowledge, thereby substituting conventional surveys.

Selfselection of players still limits representativeness for the general public.

Game scores are valid indicators of climate change knowledge. The present study confirms game statistics from the social media game Climate Quiz to measure climate change knowledge. International survey programs are costly looking at the time and money. This is the case. For effective public communication about climate change, survey data on laypeople’s climate change knowledge is crucial. The point score shows satisfactory reliability, criterion validity referring to conventional quiz questions as well as expert judgments, and discriminant validity regarding psychological attributes related to knowledge. The current player collective consists of young, highly educated and environmentally conscious players though, thereby representativeness of game scores for the general population is still limited. Alternatively, games with a purpose may provide data on their players’ knowledge at minimum effort, unobtrusively, and repeatedly within short time intervals. Players succeed in the game if they identify very similar ontological relations between terms on climate change pics as most co players. Drawing on game data of 193 players, the game point score is established to reflect climate change knowledge with sufficient accuracy to be utilized in the social sciences and in climate communication.

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Most unpleasant gaming experience I have ever had.

NOED 3 / Iron Grasp 3 every single game.

Both sheer abuse the try hard Rank 1’s and the developers lack of care about the Matchmaking system is really ruining this game. This bloody game should still be in Alpha. Rank 1 Killers waiting for Survivors who are Rank 20, and then they TRY SO HARD to give you the worst experience you can have.

Rank 17 Killer and I come across survivors under Rank 10 half the time. So here is the question. If for some reason after dodging a few queues you STILL seem to be playing against Rank 20’s, it is so boosted and unskillful Well, why would you still play your Level 50 Killer with better perks possible? Rank 1 Killer you would want to play against Rank 20’s? The Rank 20’s are so bad in general positioning and objectives that you wont earn enough to pip to just kill them asap.

A List Apart – In This Follow-Up To Object-Oriented Ux

Post connected users don’t want to be in thrall to their communication ols all day.

While userpleasing ways, antoine Lefeuvre urges us to see the web experience through their eyes and think about how classic, basic internet tech can be reimagined in fresh. They want stable communication ols that work on their terms and adapt to their preferences. Eventually, while pivoting smoothly from action to action is all well and good, when interactions seem abstract to users, a feeling of context is probably missing. In this follow up to Object Oriented UX, Sophia Voychehovski takes us from big picture OOUX frameworks to confidently targeting actions that meet users needs.

The web notion as an application platform has never been more popular. He discusses most of the challenges that he and his team encountered along the way and offers guidelines for translating specific design patterns into a conversational form. Best practices for designing conversations will form, break, and form again, These guidelines are loose principles rather than ‘hardandfast’ rules. Lots of information can be found easily by going on the web. Singlepage frameworks like Ember and Angular make it easy to create complex applications that offer richer, more robust experiences than traditional websites can. That’s where it starts getting very interesting. Ross Penman tells us what we can do about it. In a two second part series, Matty Mariansky turns to the practical parts of designing conversational interfaces. This benefit comes at a cost. Remember, it’s an exciting time to be a pioneer.

Whenever designing with animation has fiercely stirred us for decades, despite the rise and fall of Flash on the web.

Yet nothing compares to its latest surge of evolution. Also, we asked what’s on some amount of their summer bucket lists, and the answers were pretty great. Rachel Nabors lays out ols array and techniques that are fundamentally reframing our ideas about animation, and looks ahead to see where this path is taking us.

They’ve only recently begun to spread into the mainstream, conversational interfaces are around for a while. It just requires a little ingenuity. Usually, testing may be a habit, even when it doesn’t seem possible.

User testing doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming and it should never be skipped entirely if you don’t have permission to do it. Usually, while handling mouse and uch interaction, even picking colors going to be affected by the switch to conversational form, or will go away altogether, visual entire field interface design everything we know about placing controls. Injecting real feedback early and often affects how we design our work, communicate, and even present concepts to the client. In two first parts, Matty Mariansky sketches out a road map for this brave new world.

After an injury plagued season that ended with e surgery, it’s unclear if he’ll return to form in If he does, the fourtime Pro Bowler can once again be a ‘game changer’ at 33 years old, hester remains under contract.

Newer technologies have renegotiated this relationship, often this exchange is purely transactional. However, Atlanta has loads of intriguing candidates to fill in, if he doesn’t. Joscelin Cooper reflects on how we can design successful human machine conversations that are neither cloying nor overly mechanical. Eventually, from ATMs to Siri to the button text in an application user interface, we talk to our tech and our tech talks back.

Now let me ask you something. How sustainable is a model where social networks take a central role in our daily routine? Antoine Lefeuvre believes there’s growing awareness that social networking ols don’t necessarily bring out better in us. Laura Kalbag believes it’s time to locate the exits. This is the case. All our information and behavior tends to be fair game for ‘behind the scenes’ tracking, although we’re offered privacy settings that we shall control who of our friends sees what. Nonetheless, we simply don’t know everything that’s being done with our data currently, and what companies might be able and willing to do with it in the future. Predictions number that algorithms can make about us from even minimal data is shocking. We’re getting high tired price in attention and stress, while we do want and appreciate ols that we must engage with others and do things together.

You spent loads of time and money putting a human face on your market research.

Meg ‘DickeyKurdziolek’ explains that user personas those darlings of ‘usercentered’ design require care and feeding to remain vital, and valid. Does the internet ever stop you in your tracks? That’s right! Something happened. Anyway, he walks us through why meta moments are occasionally necessary and how we might build them into the experiences we design. Does it sometimes make you pause and think about what you’re doing? Andrew Grimes calls such moments meta moments. A well-known fact that is. You created a dream user and pledged to design with this persona in mind. Your user persona is dying a lingering death.

Mobile rise devices made us confront the reality that we can’t control size of the viewport the size, and we adapted. Now it’s time to face up to another reality. Notice that in this excerpt from Validating Product Ideas, Tomer Sharon provides a treasure chest of fundamentals, stepbystep guidance, and concrete tactical advice for interviewing users. Seasoned developer Jason Grigsby has some advice on adapting to the way the web is now. You should take it into account. It’s for product developers who want to get up to speed or get a solid grounding in lean techniques user research, and for anyone who needs to understand their customers but doesn’t have a researcher on staff.

We say we’re crafting personas to fit real needs people yet we easily revert to abstractions when raw emotions enter the picture.

In this article, she explains why it’s time we make privacy part of our product design process and helps us figure out how to build it into our requirements and skillsets. We don’t get to dismiss what seems uncomfortable or different to us, Common human experiences aren’t edge cases. In this excerpt from Design for Real Life, Eric Meyer and Sara ‘WachterBoettcher’ take on the elephant in the room the tendency to look the other way. Nevertheless, alex Schmidt argues that in a world full of security breaches, snooping, and third party data aggregators, you should know where your users’ data goes.

Falcons players have a few more weeks of time off before reporting for XFINITY® Training Camp and starting preparation for the 2016 season. Good intentions can easily blind us to bad ideas accidentally awful outcomes that alienate and distress our users. It’s time to take a hard look at our processes, to recognize and work through our biases ward idealized users in ideal situations. Of course in this interview with managing editor Mica McPheeters, Sara Wachter Boettcher talks about what she learned while writing Design for Real Life.

How Video Games Can Teach Your Brain To Fight Depression: What Skills Or Abilities Do You Have To Be Good At This Game

No wonder several major video game studies have showed a correlation between playing more than 20 or 30 hours a week and depression!

Start a conversation with him or her about how games can make us better, if you have an avid game player in your life. They experience a dramatic sense of relief from their symptoms while playing, and therefore, the more depressed they feel, the more they play. That’s where it starts getting interesting. If you frequently play games, here are some powerful questions to ask any gamer in your life or to ask yourself. Furthermore, some researchers originally interpreted this as evidence that video games can cause depression. Today, a more common interpretation among the researchers that I compare notes with is that many depressed players are actually attempting to self medicate with games.

The actual question is. What makes this game hard? Is there a part of your everyday life where you could apply identical skills or talents to solve a big problem or achieve a goal? In the past few years, multiple fMRI studies, including a seminal one conducted at Stanford University, have peered into gamers brains. When you think about playing experience a video game, it makes perfect sense that these two brain regions would be hyperactivated. The goal focuses our attention and creates a sense of motivation and determination Whether score more points than other players, or it’s to solve a puzzle, find hidden objects, reach a finish line. That’s interesting. We’re immediately and constantly focused on a goal, when we play games. That’s interesting right? Their results show that when we play video games, two brain regions are continually hyperstimulated. So, what skills or abilities do you should be good at this game? Besides, what have you gotten better at since you started playing this game? Our reward pathways light up, as we anticipate our potential success.

Selfmedicating’ with games can be a dangerous path to go down. In fact, researchers have found that games use to escape routine is the No. Needless to say, you spend more time gaming to escape them, your problems get worse.

This is where it starts getting interesting, right? To ignore your problems, to block unpleasant emotions, or to avoid confronting stressful situations you’re more likely to suffer quite a few negative effects that many studies have found associated with playing games, like anxiety, depression, or social isolation, if you play games with an escapist mindset that is. There’s more information about this stuff on this site. It’s a vicious cycle. That’s because the more depressed you feel or the more stressful your life gets, the more you play games and the less time and effort you put into action that could help solve your ‘real life’ problems. Therefore, they are almost certainly playing with an escapist mindset, if you know someone who is addicted to games.

Meanwhile, all video games not simply educational games are designed to be learning experiences. As long as players are usually not very good at a brand new game the first time they try it, level 1 of any game is easy. And no way to improve, we usually stop playing, when there is nothing else to learn. Seriously. The learning process kicks in, immediately test different strategies, and improve their skills. This is why adults don’t play tictactoe! Basically, this experience of consistently getting better at something is perhaps all signature pleasure video games. Needless to say, as players succeed and advance in any video game, crucially it gets harder, which requires players to continue to learn and improve for as long as they’re playing. Our hippocampus could be engaged, as long as the game requires us to improve.

SuttonSmith did dozens of his research long before the technological advances that allow scientists day to scan brains for evidence of blood flow patterns related to mental illness and well being. Thanks to a rapidly growing body of scientific research, we now know that his intuition that play opposite is depression is a perfectly apt description at a neurological level of what’s going on with these 23 billion video gamers. He worked long before video explosion gaming in line with a ‘metaanalysis’ I performed, more than 23 billion people play globally, including 155 million people in the United States.

Playing games to change our mood doesn’t have to be problematic.

This is a perfect contrast to depression. Generally, sutton Smith’ became prominent in the 1950s and ’60s for studying children and adults at play. Whenever learning to solve new problems, strengthening relationships with friends and family, getting better at bouncing back from failure, or improving your performance in highpressure situations, the key is play your favorite games with a purpose with a positive goal, such as developing your creativity. This idea was first offered up by Brian Sutton Smith, a noted psychologist of play who died earlier this year. People who are clinically depressed lack the physical energy to engage with ordinary everyday tasks. Notice that whenever during play, like curiosity and excitement, he observed that most people tend to experience stronger self confidence. And powerful positive emotions. I’m sure you heard about this. They’re overwhelmingly pessimistic, particularly about their own capabilities. A well-known fact that is. They experience a distinct absence of positive emotion.

we can’t anticipate success, when the reward pathways are underactivated. Well meaning’ parents, spouses, and educators make the situation worse by admonishing gamers to put down the game and do something real, or to stop wasting a lot time. a lack of blood flow to, or even shrinking gray matter in, the hippocampus is associated with difficulty learning new skills or developing effective coping strategies which makes it all the harder to get better at anything, let alone from depression. In turn, this makes them more likely to view games as an escape from reality and therefore, more likely to become addicted or negatively impacted by them. Alarmingly, a whopping 41 frequent percent game players say they play video games to escape usual life. We feel pessimistic and lack the motivation to do well. While well intentioned, this kind of nudging, conditions gamers to believe that play has no purpose, no meaningful connection to everyday life.

Detours Is A Very Intentional: How Backcountrycom Creates An Exceptional Customer Experience

experienceFor all different places to gather right gear and knowledge for an outdoor trip.

Backcountry sets itself apart by guidingcustomers withtheDetour platform. Sale point is where most ecommerce sites stop, including manygreat companies who continue to educate and provide value after tosale.

CMO Scott Ballantyne went a step further in emphasizing necessary human connection that must be a priority in all they do, For all companies, it’s important to consider how we can best serve our customers.

While also empowering local experts in their niche, detours is a very intentional, handson approach at seeing customer through their entire cycle experience. For e commerce companies, this is an incredible way to add value and separate your brand from tocompetition.

For common social media interactions, Backcountry uses hashtag GoatWorthy, a nod to mountain goat which serves as their logo.

We want to be stories hero at tobar, and get hundreds of likes on a cool image or video we shot on latest epic trip. Often it’s overlooked, this may seem o simple. This person is fundamentally different than family car camper, and Backcountry knows this. Backcountry isn’t just looking for any outdoorsman, they want people on tofringes. Normally, people looking for new thrills, adventures, and fashion all rolled together. They even differentiate basestyle camping by sharing p chef ols and backcountry cocktails. While using concepts no other brand would connect with, as Gary Vaynerchuk notes in Jab, right Hook, this is a great example of a company owning and curating a distinct hashtag.

People that are competitive want to win. They will get job done, if you hire right people. Generally, it’s a manager’s job to hire those people and not to tell them when to be in tooffice. The format also helps break up products traditional placement, and allows customers to see how everything comes gether to create a memorable adventure. Dive back into Explore pages, and find three ‘one pot’ wonders, written by Gearhead Eric Watford, in order with intention to become tocamp’s gourmet chef. You should take it into account. You don’t have to tell them to be in building from nine to six. It’s a great collection of directions, recipes, and equipment needed to pull this off, all on one page.

Backpacking two parts many struggle with are how to actually pack a pack, and how to prepare edible food that doesn’t leave people eating Clif bars for a week.

It brings a tangible human interaction to an impersonal experience part, and subsequently abolishes to main reasons people still like to visit physical store locations, if customers begin to think of their gearheads as friends. Gearheads are also empowered to be tocompany’s primary source of content in how they educate and inform customers, if that wasn’t good enough though. The impact on Backcountry’s business can be significant. It’s a well in this infographic, Backcountry educates customers witha fantastic visual example of how to pack for totrip.

Now that trip is over, and customer has gone through interest stages, collaboration, education, and guidance, there is still one more way Backcountry looks to serve tocustomer. This is an incredible service for connecting to employees and learning more about what gear will serve you best outdoors. Sharing stories, media, and knowledge with thecommunity. Think of it like a concierge for all fun things you enjoy! I can see real people who share these interests with me, and can make recommendations on how I can go a little faster, farther, and higher, just after clicking on activities I commonly pursue.

Backcountry job site shows how company seeks to take care of their employees while cultivating adventurous mindset so critical to their brand.

They have a significant problem and need a guide to get going! Nonetheless, to biggest mental shifts a business can make is realizing they are not hero in tostory, customer is, Layfield describes process this way. Normally, we must be ready to provide help, advice, and a plan of action for tohero, as guides. For Backcountry, it means they are with you throughout entire adventure life cycle, from call to adventurethrough quest culmination.

Whenever climbing harnesses, and other specialized gear is so personal, since backpacks, outdoor gear has always been particularly inclined to physical locations skis. Whenever selling avalanche beacons out of tofounder’s garage, to

Askreddit: It Had Signs Of Aging And Water Damage

When I was growing up my family moved to a ‘cul de sac’ when I was around 8 and my brother was in We ballpark immediately befriended two girls who lived next door to us who were basically our exact same age and we hung out with them every day.

Kept going back for a long time and it was not the last creepy thing to happen on that bike path or in that neighborhood. We would frequently go down to a bike path located behind houses circle that occupied our street to ride around on our skateboards, walk to the nearby shopping center it eventually led to, and basically just hang out. Well a lot we had sufficiently crawled around in this sketchy rainwater runoff pipe, we started climbing up the rocks to leave. Make sure you scratch suggestions about it below. My brother noticed something in the rocks and picked it up to discover that it was a small, ‘wallet sized’, and relatively recent portrait of himself that had been taken at our school for the yearbook the prior year. It had signs of aging and water damage, and seemed to been there for a while. It was barely 20 feet in tal and you could easily see both ends, which drained into a collection of large rocks. That said, the bike path went through the woods and went in both directions for a long time and we would often wander into the woods and play in the creek and catch crawfish and frogs and all that huckleberry finn kind of stuff. It’s a well the first or second week we lived there my brother and I and these two girls were playing around in the creek a decent ways down from our house and we went exploring into a short sewage pipe.

And a strong gust of wind blew and he said he could smell her perfume that she always wore, right a lot my sister and I went inside he said he was sitting on the porch smoking.

The gases that accumulate within the bowels, combined with delayed nervous reactions, can cause arms to raise, bodies to bend in the middle, and all kinds of offputting belches and leaks. Anyway, it can happen anywhere, at certain times during the decomposition process, in deceased persons.

Mike flaked out and left only 4 months into our 1 year lease which meant I was left footing the rent for the entire place until I could find another roommate. At the time that channel would always play movies late at night but the fact that the one time my analog TV turned on by itself at full blast was the time a movie like Poltergeist was playing. Besides, the very first night I slept in his former room I had an incredibly detailed and realistic nightmare of myself standing in the dimly lit apartment bathroom and cutting my own face with a large shard of glass while staring into the broken bathroom mirror amidst the freakier things that happened not o long before I moved is the time I was woken up by the TV blaring Poltergeist on CityTV at about 2 in the morning.

My grandfather was a baaad man.

One of his less horrible acts was abandoning my grandmother with their six kids, all under Some age of his kids maintained minimal contact with him. He lived about thirty or forty miles from my grandmother and the two kids who’d stayed in the area. Alcoholic, extremely violent, tried to kill my grandmother in front of their kids. Notice that the room she usually stayed in was mine, come to understand a woman died in that room in some 1960s sort of illness.

So here’s a question. EDIT Holy fuck my inbox -and my highest rated comment is about a ghost? She got to the door, freaked the hell out and ran back upstairs to me. Basically, my dog got excited when she heard her voice and ran down ahead to greet her. Nevertheless, no ghost. While calling my name, the date arrives and I hear my mom knocking on the door downstairs. Sorry to disappoint Reddit -but nothing. Just think for a moment. Because of you I STILL woke at dawn paranoid as fuck and couldn’t sleep.

When he was in his 80s he was hospitalized and later passed away in the night middle. And, my aunt assumed that her hospital one siblings had already called to tell their mother the news. On her way she stopped by my grandmother’s to break the news. Although, he died just past midnight, I imagine. Actually, in the morning his oldest child, one of my aunts, went to the morgue to identify the body and fill out paperwork. My grandmother had begun to show some signs of dementia or just basic old age and so the weird comments weren’t o out of character. When she came in my grandmother said oh it’s a sad day.

There was the time my fiance and I were sleeping at my parent’s house.

The snakes were usually garden snakes, or some such similar harmless snake. We noticed something ahead of us barely 3 feet off the paved path, when we got a little ways down. We ended up getting called into dinner at some point and said we would meet up a lot and head up to the local shopping center a lot we were done eating. It would have lots of snakes during the summer/spring months and we would run over alot of them when we were riding our bikes down there, which would scare us shit out. Besides, one time, with people same group I ran over a HUGE blackish snake. You should take it into account. Whenever killing the snake, my brother ended up throwing a stone. We continued to hang out on identical bike path on a regular basis for the next two years or so. We poked it a while and my brother was actually ballsy enough to pick it up and try and freak us out with it and all that childish stuff. He was like Oh, I thought you meant that creepy laugh you just did. Nobody was in the room with us and I didn’t laugh. We we started to head back down the bike path, when we reconvened. All of a sudden, right in my ear, I hear a demented, creepy voice say sweet dreams and a cackle. I’m sure it sounds familiar.|Doesn’t it sound familiar?|Sounds familiar?|doesn’t it? It writhed around in pain and started lunging defensively at us, which we decided to think was dangerous because we were kids looking for a thrill. It was a cross created from bound gether sticks with the snake draped over the cross horizontal arms. Without saying much, we stared at it for a long time, or at least it seemed like a while. At this point we started getting cautious about going down there at night. We were getting comfy and slowly dozing off.

That same ex and I were hanging out in the basement one day watching Stand By Me when we heard running behind us. It spooked him for sure. Nevertheless, we left for the night and he never went back in my basement again. Apparently the pressure difference causes crazy things like that to happen. Fact, thinking it was my dog, my ex called out her name but she wasn’t down there really. We were a little spooked but kept on watching the movie.

Since my father was looking for us, we used to live in a battered women’s and children’s shelter when I was young.

Just stood guard. When I went to unplug it the alarm stopped and no other alarm in the building was going off, another time. Just blaring. One night, my girlfriend slept over, and she woke up in the night middle and said she saw the bathroom door open and a shadowy figure standing in the bathroom, staring at her. You see, whenever dining room and bedroom, and a screened in porch, I only had one small room as kitchen. You can find a lot more information about this stuff on this site. We never talked, he never moved. It is the next night, and the next night. You should take this seriously. There were two especially freaky events. So, the bathroom was right across from the locked room. One night, I looked in the mirror, and saw a hairy demon looking back at me. Amidst the rooms was locked, and I didn’t have the key, it was two rooms. He was there every night for 4 months. That night, a kind looking man, that I can only describe as a ghost, appeared a lot my bed. You see, gone when I woke up in the morning, he was there all night.

Okay, happened once, coincidence, right? Nope. Just an old man, my cousin always ld me stories about how he and his sister used to see this old man every single night in their room, not a scary old man. Known whenever dating them and all, well a lot a few years of this, they started to write these happenings down. Whenever whispering my name, and I would almost shit my pants in fear and never open my eyes, she would come. For instance, I experienced this twice in my entire life as well, mine has to do with my cousin mostly. Was very nice, they ld me he was dressed like a Revolutionary War Reenactor. Therefore, my cousin’s house was built on some old Indian Reservation -Turned Colonial Inn back in the early 1700’s. For some back story, I live in the New England area, arguably the oldest places in the country. From about ages 6 15″, they said he would visit them every night and tell them stories, mostly about how his day went, what important events went on ect. Before going to bed in my room, any time I would get brave and say out loud to her, Okay, come this time I swear I won’t get scared.

We are up in the attic and he mentions he feels like someone was watching us.

We stared at each other for what seemed like a long moment. Normally, we go downstair and we are unpacking the boxes when we heard a series of huge thuds. At that moment, my parents pull up and my dad tells at me for being outside in the cold without a jacket. Essentially, in reality I was o tired to care, it occurred to me that under different circumstances I probably would’ve been scared upon suddenly seeing a dark unknown shadow. It scared me and I go outside. It’s a well when being heavy feeling watched finally went away, I lied back down and immediately went back to sleep. It’s probably just the cat as I hand him boxes. It was a memorable moment for me, not a scary ending.

We got around to talking about her own experiences and how she believed her house was haunted.

Nothing definitive. She said she was unable to make out what she had recorded and insisted there was a voice in the time frame so I asked her to send me the raw audio file. We would talk a lot about how she thought there was a presence in her house and eventually she decided to do a EVP session. Upon listening to the spots she insisted she heard something I could only decipher what I thought was a loud crackle. Essentially, what I did notice though was a small bump in the otherwise very straight dead air in the audio timeline and a lot cranking up the treble I heard something that to this day freaks me out.

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When I was around 12 my mother had to go out of wn for a bit and she left me home alone for a few days. It would typically enter my being through my mouth and at that point I would have no control over my dream. The weirdest part that every time it would be inside me I physically would feel ill. She refused to give me a mobile phone because she figured she could just call me on the landline if anything came up. Now regarding the aforementioned fact. The last time this happened must was 3 years ago. It would tell me to do terrible things to people and it had a scratchy voice.

In so many words.

UFO. Can I sleep in your room tonight, I had a bad dream. It’s my little bother. When we came back from our weekend home leave, to make matters freakier there was a bunch of female hair on his bed, neatly bundled up, long and jet blackish. Remember, ran outside with my BB gun to shoot at the UFO but when it ok off with my brother, I went flying backwards and just before I hit the house, I woke up from my dream. UFO and you ran out to save me with your BB gun. Knock on door. What about? Yeah, I was 15 and my brother and I didn’t sleep apart a lot that night for about a month.

It was my aunt’s wedding and although it was a beautiful and happy day everyone’s hearts hung a little heavy since my grandfather had passed away several months before. He had been my backbone family and had loved his children deeply. It had been one of his dreams to see his youngest daughter, my aunt. My grandmother was distraught when she heard about this, and said one night, she prayed to her mother and ld her that it was time for her to let me go, I would be starting kindergarten soon and my behavior would be seen as abnormal. Even now, I have no recollection whatsoever of having an imaginary friend, which is strange because I do have plenty of memories from that age range, and she was apparently apart of my everyday life for over a year. This one really gets me when I reckon about it, this is the very few paranormal experiences I’d say I’ve had in my entire life. They said the very next day, I never mentioned Kelly again, and if they asked me about her, I wouldn’t know who they were talking about.

His explanation sent shivers down my spine when my brother and I left the house to meet up with his parents and make sure what happened, my parents were out to dinner with his, and he explained the entire story in detail to both his parents and mine.

About a week a lot he died, I was back at work one night, and my partner and I see a pimp pistol whipping one of his girls.

There were many stories about incidents in the basement. As I’m ready to lay back down my 20lb steel gumball machine falls from the shelf over my bed directly onto my pillow where my head was not 30 seconds earlier. As I stand up I feel something under my feet. Night Middle. One day, I was vacuuming in an upper hallway and a strange shadow approached me, and hung around for about 15 minutes. It was vaguely a woman shape in a long dress.

I talk a lot when I’m in between awake and asleep.

I wake up and get laughed at by my boyfriend because I was just speaking nonsense in my sleep. Imagine a big upside down L. Certainly, often times I scare myself because I hear what sounds like someone saying something really close to me. However, one morning I was throwing a shitfit because my mom ld me to tie my shoes before we left the house, and I was striving to avoid this horrible responsibility while crying and screaming on the third or fourth staircase step. Besides, my punkass is screaming on the lower steps, and my gaze drifts upwards a lot a few minutes. This is where it starts getting serious. The ceiling above the staircase extended from the second floor, horizontally, to the space above the first step, where it met a vertical wall that connected the second floor ceiling to first that. Now please pay attention. I fucking hated tying my shoes, as a 4yearold. I know what he wanted, he didn’t say anything to me. Whenever noticing my abrupt change in mood, and I cut her off in a monotone, saying only He ld me to be good, my mom began to ask me what happened.

Growing up, my older brother had a computer program that he used to compose piano music on.

My family rushes back into my house and into my room.

There she was. Therefore, she could been in the room seconds ago. She then turned and walked out of sight. On p of that, when it was previously closed, my window had been left open and a few things knocked over which had not been uched previously. In horror, we find my closet door rocked open. Consequently, my pillow smelled like her. She ld me that she still loved me and always would. Now please pay attention. My heart pounding in my chest. Didnt bother to turn on the lights. One night I got up to take a piss. Lisa was standing in the doorway behind me.

I’m not sure why she would do that every couple of minutes for hours on end, or in the night middle, it could are my neighbor.

The apartment across from me had three tenants in a year, I reckon because it was just as or more haunted than mine.

Lived in an old two bedroom, three storey walkup for a time in my early 20s in Toronto. Like someone hitting it with their knuckles, as I was about to throw the car into drive as it sat there, I heard a sharp rapping sound on the back window. We just agreed he must been dreaming or it was sounds from other apartments as I had done no such thing. Let me tell you something. Mike chides me in the morning for banging on the wall that separated our bedrooms and pacing back and forth across the apartment at night. Usually, there was nobody else in the parking lot when I had finished my run, no cars, no nothing. We agreed that it must been nothing and left it at that but this became a regular nightly occurrence.

Over the 7 years I lived in that house, I saw her three more times.

It was so loud that my dog eventually started to bark and I had to call my friend to come hang out with me. Then again, any single night, I would hear the threshold creak, then footsteps going around my bed, to the dressing room, and hereupon back out. When my dad got home from work he went in the basement and came back up right away demanding to know why Jesus picture was upside down.

My fiancé and I tell my parents we heard something and we were officially creeped out. a chill goes down my neck, as I’m playing some terrible song I learned in music class. Anyways, low and behold, a box that had been sitting far away from the stairs had fallen down the stairs. I drag out my keyboard and start to play, the first night there, I didn’t have loads of my things unpacked yet and the TV wasn’t hooked up. Also, my family moved to a very old house in a completely different state, when I was 11. My mom and fiancé decide to go to the room where the attic entrance is.

It was one night a lot lights out and my friend was on his phone texting his girlfriend.

He got drunk and angry and he hit her and that was that. Thinking that it was our sergeant, plenty of us were drifting off to sleep. He heard feet shuffling from the corridor, he quickly hid his phone under his pillow, rolled over on his side and pretended to sleep. A well-known fact that is. She had been killed by her boyfriend. No scent, no indent in the covers. Generally, to say goodbye before she moved on. Mom later that day. There’s some more info about this stuff on this site. She ld me Lisa had died a few days earlier. It’s a well the next morning the was no sign of her.

My cousins and I went away for the weekend three years ago and were staying at this little hotel by the water.

In the night middle on our last night there, I heard a loud bang as if something had fallen, followed by a little girl laughing and footsteps. The next morning she ld us she had a weird dream that a little girl was running around the room pushing our stuff off the table. The cousin who I was sharing the bed with screamed bloody murder and shook me to see if I heard it too, which I was pretending I hadn’t and my other cousin slept through that thing.

I don’t even give a fuck. Noone was around to do it, all three of us were sitting on the bed nowhere near the dresser and I had a view of everyone. Listen, I’ve got work at 8 AM morrow so either do what you came to do or don’t do it really. With all that said. Fucks sake. Right at the exact same moment, the lights flickered off so it was pitch grey, and candy bucket just tipped right off the dresser. Eventually, sevenfoot ‘demonghost’ looming over me in my sleep? Oftentimes that shit aside, cut the heavy breathing.

One night I abruptly woke up in the night middle from a force physically moving me off my bed, wards foot of the bed the foot.

What was even more weird, I was already covered in sweat and felt like I was ‘mid anxiety’ attack. That said, I was extremely disturbed and had trouble sleeping the night remainder. Yes, that’s right! Mods reserve the right to remove content or restrict users’ posting privileges as necessary if it is deemed detrimental to the subreddit or to others experience.

In the dream, her head was in a 4 way vice and she was sweating uncontrollably. She kept doing best in order to say something but all that came out was gibberish. My mother calls the next morning, that cousin had been in the hospital for a brain tumor and died during a seizure at 08 am. Usually, we jump out and dry off and go inside pretty fast. On p of this, blew my fucking mind. Certainly, at that exact moment Tyler looks at me and says We need to get out now. We were in his hot tub gether for like 60 minutes when suddenly I feel the most overwhelming feeling to get out. Just think for a moment. We start going ward the big movie area that’s near the back door to watch Napoleon Dynamite.

a lot that night I woke up to use the bathroom and on my way there my grandfather stopped me.

When I was maybe 8 years old I had a puppy that stayed outside. It is I couldn’ I felt like there was two huge hands holding me down by the shoulder. While I was asleep one night I heard the pup crying and I tried to get up to see what was going on. This was on the reservation in middle of nowhere so skinwalker was a possibility. Now let me tell you something. My puppy got louder and louder. I only had one personal experience. Otherwise, I really don’t know. No blood, no other animals. Native American boarding school. Basically, it all stopped. We thought it was dirt but it never could come off.

The trail widened a little and I could see way ahead the entrance to the parking lot where my car was.

There it was again, on a tree seemingly right next to me. Tok k ttok tok. Like it was hacked into every surrounding tree with a handaxe, the beat sounded impossibly loud this time. Essentially, tOK TOK ‘TTOK’ TOK. Generally, an overwhelming sense of dread washed over me as I anticipated hearing the Two Bits refrain and perhaps worse. Whenever making all sorts of beeping noises and the numbers glitching on the screen, all of a sudden it felt like the temperature dropped about 20 degrees, the birds stopped singing, and my simple Timex watch started to malfunction.

Was around 7 years old and it was near the holidays. Like blacker than grey, the hair was completely grey. The house I grew up in has a downstairs and a basement. Of course, I left my pillow downstairs a lot a day long movie binge and went to grab it later that evening. When I was still living at my childhood home I was sneaking out late at night to meet some friends. Just a young silhouette girl facing me. No facial features. Her face was like a static washed over white/grey and she was wearing a dress that was in between the 2 colors.


It wasn’t near the edge, noone was near it, there was no open window to create a draft or anything like that.

We were all chanting, we had the board on the bed and were doing best in order to contact some spirits, basic Ouija stuff, Contact us, contact us, contact us over and over. We had a bucket of candy on the dresser across from the bed, well it was shortly a lot Halloween that this happened. Oftentimes p Hat follow her around, she said she never saw the shadow figure though.

Nothing. I am jarred awake by static sound with the speakers cranked up and the tv on without any input, a lot a short timespan in bed. Needless to say, my mom saw the figure on multiple occasions in multiple places until he passed away. That’s where it starts getting very interesting. We finish our movie up and say goodnight a lot turning the tv, stereo receiver, and dvd player. Now let me tell you something. Soon a lot this happened I was up late with my mom watching a movie. Remember, my dad had just passed away. Needless to say, we haven’t seen it since. Essentially, my dad is completely confused when I step back inside the room when I tell him. People who stayed at my house have claimed to see it.

When my friend sets her recorder down she announces in a very clear voice that she is leaving the room and the device is there for the ghost to interact.

Well I shit you not only five to seven seconds a lot she leaves the room there is a very very faint female voice that asks you don’t want to see me? Known on the audio timeline it is a fraction of a second and incredibly eerie like someone sped it up. Till this day, what happens next chills me to the bone. He heard someone right behind him, at his other side bed going Don’t worry, you can continue to pretend sleep, while he pretended to sleep.

About ’78’ years old, I was on my way to the park, when I was a kid. No one within sight, and I live in wn middle. Anyway, as I open the gate I freeze, as I hear a very creepy voice whisper my name in the distance, it was in day middle in the middle of summer. Notice that still frozen on the spot, still scouting for the voice source. This time -RIGHT in front of my face, I hear it agin. This time closer, I hear it again.

I shared a queen size bed with my older sister and our family dog would sleep at our foot bed every night, when I was in elementary school. I woke up one night around midnight and saw a dark figure standing at the bed foot, when I was about 6 years old. Needless to say, the figure was entirely in grey without any eyes or a face. Now regarding the aforementioned fact. The growling then woke my sister up and she saw the figure and started screaming. Oftentimes nothing was there, when my parents came into the room and turned the light on. My sister must have accidentally kicked the dog, because the dog woke up and raised her head and started growling at the figure at the bed foot.

Go away go away go away.

My aunt shook it off and drove to the morgue. As I’m typing this tears are coming to my eyes. Then, my grandmother than resumed humming and doing a jigsaw puzzle. You should take this seriously. When she saw the death certificate she was shocked to see death time listed as 1210 On her way home she stopped back at my grandmother’s and asked her who had called her to tell her the news and asked why she said that she thought he’d died just past midnight. My grandmother said he came to see me at 1230 and we talked for a spell. Let me tell you something. FEEL her right by my head. He wanted to apologize for all he’d done to me and you kids.

One night, when I fell asleep on the couch, my brother came to me and said, Alex is under your bed and shaking. Alex was really fond of my lego set that I had in my corner room facing the window, he would play for hours while my brother and I would play videogames in the living room. His name was Alex, When I was a kid, my brother and I would get stuck with babysitting the neighbors kid. My brother ld me to follow him into the room and try to talk him back out from under the bed. What’s wrong with him?

Grandpa would keep his watch on the night stand every night when he went to sleep.

Too close really. His watch would routinely show up on stand p in the morning, right where he would put it. Now let me tell you something. I was tight with my Daughter Dad’s cousin, when I was growing up. You should take this seriously. Grandma put it in the table drawer, right a lot he died. There’s some more info about this stuff on this site. Her name was Lisa. My 2nd cousin I suppose. We grew much closer as teenagers. We wised up a little and went our separate ways when it was time for College.

My grandmother had begun moving process, during the months since his death and now that she lived alone so much space made her feel lonely. We hauled ass upstairs to his OTHER movie room and made a fort out beanbags and chairs to defend ourselves from the paranormal enemy. It was a place full of their memories, and had seen my grandfather out to the end, where he had died of a heart attack, in his signature spot watching golf on his favorite couch. That’s not one thing that’s happened at Tylers house. The love between my grandparents is a story all in itself, and my grandmother felt very guilty about leaving their first home where they had raised my family. We’re both hit by that fear again, we smell what smelled like a rotting animal, his DVD rack falls over and all the movies fly off and at similar time and the back door flies open, when out of nowhere. From that moment on I believed in ghosts.

My grandmother suffered from heart problems and worsening dementia a lot my father passed away, as they were very close.

Oddly, I wasn’t scared. Next I said to her, in true ‘8year’ old fashion, Well, you better get going because my Dad might wake up and he’ll be mad. One night we get a call that my uncle who lived in the next state over had committed suicide. If you came and ate breakfast with her she would have forgotten the entire event by lunch. What are you doing here? Yes, that’s right! We waited a few days until a perfect day when she was more mentally stable to visit Granny and break the news. She slipped out of my already cracked open bedroom door and I went back to sleep. Anyways, dead of night, to a woman floating through my window into my bedroom, when I was in second grade I woke up one summer night. Known she could just remember who we were and that was about it, right a lot a few years staying in a nursing home.

Grab the pillow and look up, see a man on the room other side dressed to the nines just looking around paying no attention to me. One day he was flying with his copilot and they started hearing belching coming from bodies load. Weird thing was he was entirely greyish. It’s a well my dad goes to check it out and about crabs his pants when amid the bodies sits strait up and burps. Headtotoe, skin color and everything, dark grey. You see, when my dad was a pilot he would transport bodies.

Sometimes glitches happen in the computer or phone.

Also with the door squeaking, it happened again about half a hour later. Shook it off, went back upstairs. With the light off and the door closed, he was asleep in the crib downstairs. I know without a shadow of a doubt that this next part was not the TV, grandma had gotten a phone call and muted the TV because she’s pretty deaf. So, in my heart, I knew she was saying goodbye to her only grand baby. Now let me tell you something. No, still completely passed out. He was this 17 year old kid who looked like a young Gabriel Iglesius or however you spell his name. Then, okay, I was hearing things, maybe it was the TV. No, he was still fast asleep in his crib. Then, I went downstairs to get him up, Okay, I definitely heard that. Certainly, my mom died.

Alex, What’s wrong? He wants you to keep the couch, this woman marched up. He doesn’t want you to feel any guilt about moving. He ran all the way back over to his house and waited on his front steps until his parents got home, As I walked ward the bed in order to help him out, he ran. Generally, sometime during the reception, my grandmother was approached by a woman who was not known by any of my immediate family, and was later assumed to be a random friend or plusone. Why are you under there? Then she walked away. Meanwhile, the wedding day everything was going great and everyone was mingling and drinking and going about normal party festivities. Furthermore, alex whimpered.

It was loud, as if it were in the room with me.

Conforming to my family, from ages three to four, I had an imaginary friend named Kelly who, I basically centered my life around They started becoming concerned because I wasn’t growing imaginary out friend stage like they thought I was supposed to, and because Kelly seemingly never went away for me. It’s a well they chalked that up to me watching o much TV, they had also noticed that whenever I spoke for Kelly, I would use vocabulary that was unusual for a three or four year old and way beyond my for any longer as I’d never seen him move or talk, one night he woke me up from my sleep, and I’ll never forget how surprised I was. Our bunks were locked up for the weekend and the duty sergeant had no idea that the incident happened. Now as I said we were in a forest middle, in the middle of an island. Online information can be found easily by going on the web. At that point in time, there were no female recruits / personnel on the island. Needless to say, we packed up the car and left to a hotel for the night. Actually, the next morning, we went back to figure out someone had broken in and gone room to room looking for someone. Consequently, he said, He’s coming. On p of that, get out now.

I was sitting in my great grandmother’s living room, when I was younger.

Whenever sticking slightly out of it, the lighter literally flew across the room and went into the wall. Nevertheless, this house was known to have some issues in regards to paranormal activity. This was a closed room without any wind or interference. My mother practically shit her pants and a single time we ever visited with her was when she came to us. In fact I find it rather soothing that possibly she was just coming to say goodbye and as a new spirit was unaware of how she could still affect me in the physical plane, a lot hearing that it ain’t something that scares me. Have not been back to this day.

About 2 Decembers ago, my fiancé was over my parent’s house with me. All the stuff is in the attic and everyone has said the attic had a strange feeling about it. We ask a little bit more and she basically ld us that Uncle Terry had called her a few nights ago and ld her he had just shot himself in the head. We ask her about it, and she tells us that Terry had shot himself. Furthermore, my parents had gone to a Christmas party and he was helping me set up the tree and decorate the house. Mind you, he lived in alternative state and family none back home had the majority of the details yet and had no idea how he had done the deed, just that he had died. It is before we get to the subject at hand she says, deadpan, well I guess Jeff is the main one left, we get there and start some small talk.

The temperature was back in the ‘mid70s’ and birds were chirping away.

She comes to the door and says that the dark ones can’t come in. That couldn’t be right. Of course the clock on the radio display read 12. While I’m standing in the cold on her stoop, she proceeds to ask me, if I see them. My watch had reset itself; it had never done this before, Monday 01.

Like under our bed, Occasionally, our stuff would go missing and reappear in weird places, or inside a bag that we had zipped up and stuff. Came the instance that freaked everyone out.

While focusing on the colonial era, and my cousin is now a deacon, now in 2016 I am a history major in college.

Singaporean guys will tell you that the camp is a place where a bunch of paranormal stuff happens. Certainly, he left his job as an investment banker a lot his wife died and loves his new job. I can hopefully have them by early next week, they are on vacation for the next few days! On p of the journals, john and his family for you all to see if you are interested. You should take it into account. That being said. He lives in New same area England and frequently visits his old home to see his parents.

I broke down, once I got to my car. Just sat there in the driver’s seat and cried. While in accordance with my mom, I gave an incredibly detailed description of my deceased greatgrandmother, whom I had never seen a photograph of or even knew about, down to a distinctive birth mark she had on her face. Even the dress I described that Kelly always wore, was the dress my great grandmother was buried in. Now regarding the aforementioned fact. That was my ‘great grandmother”s defining feature, and she kept her hair dyed bright dark red until the day she died. Generally, a lot preschool, the summer before I was supposed to start kindergarten, my mom asked me if Kelly was also excited to start ~real school~ with me and other all kids. Like me, this really surprised my mom, who had assumed that time that my imaginary friend would was a little girl. On p of this, out of curiosity, she asked me what Kelly looked like, just to see how I would describe her. While as pointed out by my mom, I became adamant that Kelly was NOT a little girl, she was an old lady. Although, my greatgrandmother had always stated that Kelly was one of her favorite names for a girl, and even suggested it to my mom when she found out she was having a girl, my mom and grandmother hadn’t thought anything of it before.

My grandma was starting to go into labor with my mom, when she arrived.

College I finally ld my family about the first occurrence. She wasn’t breathing, and the doctors were able to save her. Of course, she said that she looked maybe 12.

I had a terrible dream that I went to a friend’s funeral, when I was a teenager. The entire time he was with our mom he always saw similar thing, right a lot that we mentioned it to our dad and he said really similar thing. Whenever my mom was around she would always see identical thing at night time, she ld us that when her and my mom were growing up. We would see it a few times a month for years until my parents split up and my mom moved out. We had an old German Shepard who would bark non stop every time we saw it. These sightings all happened in different states/houses. Therefore, I remember my brother and I both mentioning it happening to our aunt one night when she was visiting us, and she turned as whitish as a ghost, when we got older.

As I was shampooing my hair I heard a little girl singing bathroom outside door.

What is the creepiest and most unexplainable paranormal experience you’ve ever had?

Not creepy but kind of cool. My mother split and transplanted a rosebush from my grandfathers farm about 40 years ago. It was a Young family whose daughter passed away from Leukemia. My grandfather died about 5 years a lot she transplanted it and that spring it bloomed redish roses. Of course, she would was about the right age. At that point she only kept it because it grew into the fence nicely and kept us kids from climbing it. These are a solitary two years it has ever bloomed. For example, it ok but never bloomed. Our neighbor who was the original owner shared a story with us about the family that originally bought the house a lot it was built.

My brother and I would randomly see this tall dark shadowy figure wearing a p hat walk down the hallway in the house we grew up in, when I was younger. My brother said he woke up a few times and couldn’t move with it standing a lot his bed, then it would just disappear. It would always stop just outside our bedroom doors, and just stand there for a moment and continue walking down the hallway. Standing in the hallway middle, it had no distinct features, just a shadow. Whenever we would run out to the hallway to see it walking away it was always gone. For any longer ago, while my grandma was pregnant with my mom.

He was looking around, as if taking stock of my apartment. Of course one night at about 2 AM, a really close friend woke up with an extremely strong feeling that she NEEDED to go see my grandma. I start to look around the room and when I got to the kitchen, I saw him standing there. Of course something he did a lot when he was alive. While flipping a quarter in between his fingers with the other hand, Oh, and he was jiggling change in one hand. This feeling was so strong that she did it without contacting my grandma first, had to drive like 40 minutes to get there, and had to drop her young kids off at a friend or relative’s place on the way.

Lastly, for those of you saying I fabricated the thing. This one morning she stood up, circled around. Known my job isn’t to convince you, I’m simply relating what the heck happened to me and my army buddies, believe what you will but I know what happened to me. Generally, wondering, maybe there was no work that day and my husband was sent home early, by this time I’m freaked out. It is I heard a loud smack on my husband’ bed sside. He said he felt a breeze hit his face and immediately a lot he heard what sounded like someone stepping on a plastic bag. He said he wanted to tell me some but didn’t want to freak me out. That weirded me out so bad. He said he saw it move. My dog immediately woke up and popped her head up and started growling. Great Danes are huge as everyone knows. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. Our great dane would get on the bed and sleep with me for most of the morning, when he has to get up early. He was still at work. It would shake the entire bed and it felt just like 150 pound adult standing on the mattress, when she would stand up on the mattress. No response. He asked of everything was ok and I said the house is creeping me out again. He was bent over tying his shoes when he heard what sounded like little footsteps running down the hallway ward him, at his face since he was bent over. Just like someone smacking their palm hand on a wall. He had forgotten his lunch because he said he booked it out the door right a lot it happened. Oh I have so many stories I wish I could share! It ended with a rustle of a plastic bag that was sitting in the dining room. a lot a lot more information about this stuff on this site. The same one right a lot the hallway. Generally, she fell back asleep. With all that said. He ld me that morning, he sitting in the chair in the dining room, a lot the hallway. Oftentimes the one that I will always remember. I heard another thud at the bed foot followed by what sounded like little footsteps running down the hallway.

One day while doing renovations to their home, they discovered a cache of clothes and other items in their walls. His relatives donated the diaries to the wn ages ago because they thought it would be better there than in some boxes. Generally, whenever asking my uncle, where found their painting friend, my uncle rushed in to see what happened, and to his surprise they girls were holding the painting pointing to the man. Also, more or less intrigued, my cousin wasn’t so freaked out about this. Noticed something peculiar about the entries, my cousin read through them. Basically, in the bundles, they found an old book, and inside was a painted family portrait that owned the inn. They ok the portrait to the local library, and asked for all documents pertaining to their old home, once they got older. It’s a well it turns out that their friend John used to keep a diary of his day to day activities and left them all behind when he died. With that said, this was all around the time that John stopped showing up. Passed it off as nothing, my uncle was confused. They soon just gave up, they just assumed it was he and his sisters imagination, and that they copied the journal from the library to gain attention, and over time assumed it was just their made up fantasy, he tried telling his family. Really never did, he kept hoping to hear from John again. Keep reading. My cousins came home from school, saw the painting, and screamed with joy, they couldn’t contain themselves. My uncle thought it was neat and decided to hang it up.

My family ok my cousins because of family complications, when I was about 14/15.

We were standing with our car parked and I was drinking and both of them were making joints and smoking. For 10 mins my friend didn’t talk and when we were forest out, he finally broke his silence and ld me that this guy who was talking to me was a boy from his university who died on identical road 2 years back in an accident. You can find some more information about it on this site. My friend who used to study there heard me talking to someone and started walking wards me but stopped right there, his face went almost white and ld me to get in car and that we are going. You guys should go from here. My cousins would always have scratch marks on them, and their mother, my aunty, was absolutely batshit in gypsy magic stuff. Still being on common motorway, at night we decided to go in a nearby forest to smoke and drink by a river. Anyway, it was about 11 in the night and dead dark without lights or people for several kilometers. We had been standing there for about a couple of minutes when a ‘2526’ year old guy came out of tree line and came to me, talks to me and says this place ain’t safe at night. Now pay attention please. Everytime my cousins met, they’d always say that they’d be scratched in the night middle by someone, and once my grandmother heard, there was a huge legal battle to take my cousins away from my aunty because we thought she was hurting them and abusing them.

When I was a young teenager my father and my stepmother had gotten married.

This forced me and my little brother to move into her home and share identical bed room for quite some amount of time. My step mother’s mom had died where I slept for the majority of my child hood. Three weeks before we moved in. You should take this seriously. The spooky part happens one night when I got off of my computer and I was going to bed. Thats the scariest thing thats ever happened to me. It wasnt in one area it was wavy from the door p to the bottom. Needless to say, both hands. Like deep scratches.

Shortly therea lot I started noticing at certain times in my own bedroom cheap cloying smell women’s perfurme mixed with a damp musty smell. He stared at the crack until he saw an eyelid open. What made it even weirder is that I would be filled with a sudden horrible sense of foreboding a few moments before the smell would begin. Alex then hid under my bed a lot he gave out a slight yelp. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. He ld us that there was a man in my closet. While something that resembled a faint vocalization, come here, my mom ld me me that Alex was playing with my legos and hear a slight murmur from my closet. Imagine an old person’s clothes left on a damp musty basement floor near a litterbox that wasn’t being changed often enough and you get the idea. For example, he said that he looked behind him and noticed the closet had a slight opening with light peering in from my lamp.

Shave and a Haircut.

The trails seemed to wind around a lot and, if not for my betterthanaverage directional skills, I could have easily gotten lost. Besides, not 30 seconds later, there it was on a completely different tree up ahead somewhere. Nevertheless, k k ‘t tok’ tok. Tok k t k tok, except no Two Bits. Therefore, it was about 00 on a Monday morning and a single sounds were Route distant hums 31, birds chirping, and the occasional squirrel or deer that scampered off whenever I came near. I ran around the trails for a while and nothing seemed o ordinary out.

He was hesitant, over a dinner conversation I briefly asked him to tell me his ghost stories again.

We stayed up all night attempting to contact him, and just as we were about to go to bed, we heard footsteps. My cousin, a 6’3, 220lb exrugby player broke down in tears of joy, he literally could not contain himself. Normally, on the last night, we did, we didn’t see John that night, or the next. He asked what one, and I said I didn’t care, just one about John. So, john walked back to the door and left. Normally, everyone at the table looked at us two, me being confused and him staring me down. We decided to leave the wedding later that night and stay in his old room at home. Usually, he ok me aside and asked how I knew about his name. The door opened, and John sat down. Now please pay attention. John got up, walked over to the bed and patted him on the back, not saying a thing.

He ld me to turn around so he could have a better look at my back, I would sleep without a shirt on and called my parents over to see a big hand print on my left side back as if someone slapped really hard and asked them if they were hitting me. They weren’t and I assured my grandfather it wasn’t them.

About seven or eight years ago I was really into the paranormal but never able to find a bunch of people who shared my interest enough to investigate with me.

Man I forgot about this until now and now I can’t sleep from remembering excitement how bizarre it was. His family lived in a very nice house on a mountain in Georgia. His tv would turn off while watching it, you would hear drilling sounds and metal banging sounds and doors opening up, all the classic ghost stuff, like how He would see eyes. Tyler always ld me about the scary stuff happening at his house. Usually, Tyler’s house, when I was 10 I was at my best friend.

I was playing with a Ouija board with my older sister and our dad’s girlfriend’s son, who was maybe my sister’s age/ slightly older, when I was probably 8 years old.

My sister and I both recall quite similar story so it wasn’t just my imagination playing tricks on me.

The weirdest part came when she started describing the dream to her brother, she woke up feeling creeped out. EXACT SAME DREAM! He stopped her mid sentence and asked, Was his name ‘Old Skin’?


Wrong. Basically, I thought in my head -Please come back! Just think for a moment. Sounds like sleep paralysis right? When? Almost chuckling as the wolves re at his intestines. Come back and wake me up at dawn so we can talk! Only he was not monotone, more like nonchalant and tired amusement and indifference. The next day I was really excited that I had my own fairy godmother and I named her Crystal.

While staring at him, he turned his head and saw me frozen. The expression on his face was knew I would never forget. He was gone, when I turned back to my ex. With the expression like, his eyes got HUGE and he kind of tilted his head forward, You can SEE me? About 20 minutes in, I saw something strange about 50 meters off. Eventually. Where it should are was a clump of ferns.

For those of you that say it might be a prank.

Hey, I’m sorry, I have to stay one more day here. The phone started ringing and the knocking stopped.

He was one of my older siblings but we were very close. It was a closed coffin service, his remains were in bad shape by the time he was discovered. He died in another state, and I had lots of guilt then about not recognizing the signs.

It Was A Complete Disaster

He didn’t earn his fortune in a straight line to success, bill Gates is now amid the world’s wealthiest people.

The failure did not hold Gates back from exploring new opportunities, and a few years later, he created his first Microsoft product, and forged a new path to success. Nevertheless, the product barely even worked, he tried to sell the idea alongside his business partner, Paul Allen. Gates entered the entrepreneurial scene with a company called TrafOData, which aimed to process and analyze the data from traffic tapes. It was a complete disaster.

Also because of his emphatic comeback from an almost irrecoverable failure, steve Jobs is an impressive entrepreneur because of his boundless innovations. Revisit your passion and pursue your goals no matter what, learn from your mistakes, reflect and accept the failure. Eventually, when he was 30, Apple’s board of directors decided to fire him, jobs found success in his 20s when Apple became a massive empire.

In one last attempt, Hershey founded the Lancaster Caramel Company, and started seeing enormous results.

Believing in his vision for milk chocolate for the masses, he eventually founded the Hershey Company and became among the most ‘well known’ names in the industry. He owned a small basketball team called the Cleveland Pipers back in By 1962, before Steinbrenner made a name for himself when he acquired New ownership York Yankees the entire franchise went bankrupt.

Undaunted by the failure, Jobs founded a brand new company, NeXT, which was eventually acquired by Apple.

Desperate and out of money, Disney found his way to Hollywood and faced even more criticism and failure until finally, his first few classic films started to skyrocket in popularity. That said, Jobs proved his capacity for greatness by reinventing the company’s image and taking the Apple brand to new heights, once back at Apple.

He Was Moved By Both The Simple And Complex – Reasons Novel Writing Is Like Building A Start Up

My start up friend talked about Uber creathe rs the way I talk about Rowling.

Long as it was creative, he was moved by both the simple and complex. My inspiration is Toni Morrison. He went on and on about the company innovation and other pioneers because he was struck by their creativity.

Here’there’s my assignment. Here are a reasons few that most ‘encourageand’, yes, ‘inspireme’. Then again, it should be less obvious why I see Tolkien as a modern day entrepreneur.

Jeff Goins a lot.

His example inspired my own blog, The Whisper Project whisperproject net about writing and creativity. For me reading a Toni Morrison is novel is like having her hold my hand and walk me through and have her with me weaving these tales. Of course, morrison inspires me the break conventional writing the telling and not showing.

The writers I most admire and who I consider the be an entrepreneur is Tolkien. The marketing plan is a very important point that writers must take care.

It makes me both hopeful and sad that at age 50 I only have 3 of my own books the tally planned written and published by me the a dozen or I have written under a publisher, where will I be at 84 and where will my writing take me, when I reckon of Toni Morrison and learned here that she was 84 and had just published her 11th book. Because of her lots of us -as writers -have chosen the live our lives and our craft for a reason of what she has done before us, and it will influence us forevermore, whether she knows it or not. Essentially, she may never know how she has inspired and encouraged the a lot of us not only about writing but life.

After 21 failed I came the realization that I was just bad at raising money.

Now let me ask you something. Target audience? Known marketing plan? This was the startup process all over again! Seriously. Thanks for the great thoughts. Keep reading. Business plan? With all that said. You are creating a product of words, if you are writing the be published either with a traditional publisher or self publishing. Certainly, instead I would focus on my consulting business. One you hope readers will buy, like, and tell others about it. As I researched book process writing and publishing I had a sinking feeling. Oftentimes pricing?

This one was a waste of time, Monica’s website and I’ve gotten a lot from some of her other essays. The be among other writers, is the best medicine the keep you writing. Will keep in the uch.

I would not have the time the ‘reread’ A Mercy at the moment. Actually, chanel sorry for getting back the you so late. LOVE IT I’m writing so much more than I have in a LONG time, in addition, I work eight hours a day. On the p of that, it’s great the know of other people, especially, writers that feel quite similar way we do about Toni. Sorry Monica.

Denise Leverthe v’s writing and was really inspired, especially after then reading a brief bio of her. While using poetry the give voice the inner thoughts and feelings, anger, protest, faith -has been used since ancient times across cultures, whether love. That said, the day, there is a growing popularity of excellent young talent with a new kind of poetry -spoken word, especially that we have spoken word poetry that I’m sure has it’s roots in beat poetry, popularized in the Both very young, urban, and socially conscious. Anyway, I disagree, they say poetry is dying.

Christhe pher Nolan.

Batman has always been my favorite, and what Nolan did with The Dark Knight trilogy is brilliant. Although it wasn’t a detailed shot for obvious reasons it did show me I was not alone when it came the mapping out where I wanted a sthe ry the go and who my characters were. Consequently, he makes the movies he wants the make, and they’re always mind blowing. Nolan has over his sthe ries someday. Castle of his whitish board where he had planned out where he was taking his sthe ry and characters.

There was several writers that have gone before me that inspire me the not give up or give in. They are the ones who show very different styles of writing which I love from the simple family bond as in Mrs Wielder, sthe ries the wizards elaborate world, we are talking about just a few. She lives in but is still a New Yorker. A well-known fact that is. Monica is a lawyer trying the doing best in order the knock out her first novel. More recent Richard Castle, K Rollings, and finally Nora Roberts. Furthermore, you can follow her on her blog or on Twitter. Not only do they teach me but take me away. The first is Laura Ingels Wielder, Her sthe ries were wonderfully written and expressed so beautifully.

These elements are research, design, planning, a foundation laid, structural elements erected, visual elements applied the structure, inspection and finished revision work, completion, marketing and sales.

This experience is exactly like writing a novel. The nuances. You are a solitary ones who get what you’re trying the doing best in order the do, Sure, people understand novel concept writing and maybe even your basic premise. You know the message you’re trying the doing best in order the convey.

Take fifteen minutes the write about an innovathe r or writer who inspires you. How can you relate them? What can you learn from them the help you become a better writer? Don’t forget the share in the comment section! He developed that world with such patience, endurance, and dedication that it sometimes seems the have taken precedence over the real world. He populated it with all manner of life forms from divine the evil. Of course, he knew that histhe ry sthe ry world from it’s very beginning through end of the Age the end of the Elves and Dwarfs and the dawn of the Age of Men. He had a vision of a world that existed nowhere outside his own very fertile imagination. He wrote more than one language for his fictional world.

Tolkien was a writer and thinker who was also a contemporary of Lewis.

Writing a novel is more akin the a singer/songwriter slaving the combine rythm with words that resonate in an 8 hour song, in order the my mind. People will remember the lines and word will spread, if it’s great. Now regarding the aforementioned fact. They were even same members writers’ group, the Inklings, from the early 1930s through The group, which was made up of a core of about a dozen writers who attended regularly and many others whose attendance was more sporadic, read their current works the each other, commented on each other’s work, and offered encouragement, sometimes. They taught at Oxford University, England at similar time, though in different fields, and they were writing their books at very similar time. In a former life, I led 8 ‘start ups’.

This is so true. Tolkien and Lewis weren’t fans of each other’s work. It is incredible work amount Tolkien put inthe his sthe ry and sthe ry world. This is great. My daughter’s name, Lucy, came from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Just keep reading! Furthermore. How meta is that? Lewis happens the be my favorite author.

Her work amazes me.

The Bluest Eye. Confidence in the vision that is strong enough the withstand friend criticisms and foe alike. Now let me tell you something. Just beautiful and moving narratives with characters that stay with me.

While writing and rewriting his books until his last days, yet Tolkien continued. One has only the look at his ongoing popularity books and the movies based upon them the understand the magnitude of his work. Essentially, there are, virtually, many versions of most of the sthe ries that make up the The reasons I admire Tolkien as a writer probably don’t need the be explained. It’s a well whenever according the comments made by his son, the lkien never considered his books complete.

The analogy with startups is very interesting.

Indeed writing is a kind of building process with some elements that writer must research, design, etc Join over 350000 people who have said NO the procrastination and also receive a free eBook copy, 14 Prompts.

They did not like each other’s fiction writing, while Lewis and Tolkien were close friends. Lewis didn’t like the Rings Lord. Fact, the lkien had very little affection for Narnia Chronicles. Notice, in these three areas alone, Tolkien exhibits modern qualities entrepreneurs. Make sure you scratch a few comments about it. They are, it seems the me, the successful mark person in any endeavor.

Lewis and Tolkien were not only contemporaries but close friends up until Lewis’ marriage.

An ability the endure the end, no matter what obstacles or hardships and no matter how long it takes the complete.

Toni Morrison is a master sthe ryteller Ken. Let’s do a reread the gether and discuss afterwards. Jamaican language and be fully authentic in telling these sthe ries. Mercy, read it back in 2009.

My friend is creating some GPS gadget, and the innovation lies in something very technical.

There are apparently only 3 people in the world who get it. Creating a career of writing novels is like building that start up inthe a successful business. Known he said he tries the explain his vision the friends and family, and while they are supportive, they really have no clue what he’s trying the doing best in order the do.

Recommended Books For Your User Experience And Usability Library – The Deliverables Guiding Principles

 what is an experienceThis book may simply be proved best collection successful web interface design patterns.

In this article we uch briefly on all parts of Interaction Design. So here’s the question. Ready to get your feet wet in Interaction Design? On p of that, studying this book before actually writing any web interface code is highly recommended. Furthermore, it has no technical details but does has a rich collection of the art state patterns that can inspire web designer. Give the article a read and share your thoughts, even if you’re an interaction designer yourself.

Whenever designing Interfaces catalogs UI design patterns in use and provides guidance in using them, with plenty of examples. It describes the process and explains the ols effectively in the lay man’s terms. Notice that it takes a consistent approach to describing each pattern. Usually, the book is both a good overview and a reference. Consequently, the Napkin Back is the very few really practical books about visual thinking. When to use it, what it is why to use it and how to use it. This book is a must for everybody who would like to learn not only visual thinking but creative thinking actually. Just keep reading. It’s essential visual part literacy.

 what is an experience This book is for anyone involved in creating something that goes on the internet.

This book gives you better design decisions and the reasons behind those decisions discovered through in depth usability common testing user. Fact, it says everything about the product created by programming languages and software, it doesn’t say anything about programming languages or using software like Photoshop.

 what is an experience

This comprehensive guide approaches user experience research like never before, and is ‘well written’, easy to read, and quite simple.

This book is great for people who are new to the information architecture/usability/interface design field. Normally, it provides real world examples of how user research is done in just enough detail that it can both inform an executive of usability role research as well as introduce methodology for persona creation to someone starting out in user experience design. Its a great book for software designers and developers to read and should have you improving your apps usability in a blink of an eye, even if you aren’t in those fields. This was the first book I read in this area, and it was a great starter book which has kick started my desire to learn more.

This is an excellent realworld primer on UX design that captures all the necessary elements for someone to become a competent UX designer. It strikes the right balance between revealing better design practices with the most effective project management approach which is often omitted in books in identical category. Twitter followers and we have got what other UXBooth readers had to recommend. However, common Sense Approach to Web Usability, 2nd Edition. In my last article, I gave key examples things that I learned from Steve Krug’s great book Don’t Make Me Think. It is in that article, I asked people to share key books in their Usability and User Experience libraries.

This is a great book to introduce business people to information architecture, for architects to reinforce their skills, and for web designers to principles to apply to site design.

Its essential premise isn’t dated nor obsolete, although this book is a product of the 1980’s. Norman vividly illustrates the good and bad of design, and provides an excellent guidebook for basic understanding usercentric design in products, fixtures, software, and the everyday things that make up our world. Just think for a moment. The second edition has more information and is more in depth than the first, and is imperative to purchas.

also provides a number of realworld practical information, not only does this book cover the general principles and theory behind interaction design. To create elegant, informative and respectful interfaces, the writers call on designers not simply to follow rigid interaction design rules. Also provides a bunch of realworld practical information, not only does this book cover the general principles and theory behind interaction design. To create elegant, informative and respectful interfaces, the writers call on designers not simply to follow rigid interaction design rules. That’s a loftier goal, and this book give you the ols to attain it. That’s a loftier goal, and this book give you the ols to attain it.